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How The Simpsons Affects Kids Essays - The Simpsons,

How The Simpsons Affects Kids The Simpsons is one of Americas most popular television shows. It ranks as the number one television program for viewers under eighteen years of age. However, the ideals that The Simpsons conveys are not always wholesome, sometimes not even in good taste. It is inevitable that The Simpsons is affecting children. Matt Groening took up drawing to escape from his troubles in 1977. At the time, Groening was working for the L.A. Reader, a free weekly newspaper. He began working on Life in Hell, a humorous comic strip consisting of people with rabbit ears. The L.A. Reader picked up a copy of his comic strip and liked what they saw. Life in Hell gradually became a common comic strip in many free weeklies and college newspapers across the country. It even developed a cult status. (Varhola, 1) Life in Hell drew the attention of James L. Brooks, producer of works such as Taxi, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Terms of Endearment. Brooks originally wanted Groening to make an animated pilot of Life in Hell. Groening chose not to do so in fear of loosing royalties from papers that printed the strip. Groening presented Brooks with an overweight, balding father, a mother with a blue beehive hairdo, and three obnoxious spiky haired children. Groening intended for them to represent the typical American family "who love each other and drive each other crazy". Groening named the characters after his own family. His parents were named Homer and Margaret and he had two younger sisters named Lisa and Maggie. Bart was an anagram for "brat". Groening chose the last name "Simpson" to sound like the typical American family name. (Varhola, 2) Brooks decided to put the 30 or 60 second animations on between skits on The Tracy Ullman Show on the unsuccessful Fox network. Cast members Dan Castellaneta and Julie Kavner did the voices of Homer and Marge. Yeardley Smith (later to star in Herman's Head) did the voice of Lisa. Nancy Cartwright did the voice of Bart. Cartwright previously supplied the voices for many cartoons, including Galaxy High, Fantastic Max, Richie Rich, Snorks, Pound Puppies, My Little Pony, and Glo-Friends. Tracy Ullman later added Cartwright to her cast. (Dale and Trich, 11) Brooks, Groening, and Sam Simon, Tracy Ullman's producer, wanted to turn the Simpson family into their own show. The Fox network was looking for material to appeal to younger viewers. The only show they had that drew a young audience was Married With Children. To Fox's pleasure, The Simpsons saved the network from near failure. (Varhola, 3) On December 17, 1989, The Simpsons got their break. The Christmas special, "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" aired. (Dale and Trich, 19) In the episode, Bart got a tattoo, much to Marge's dislike. She quickly spent all of the family's Christmas money to remove Bart's tattoo with a laser. At the same time, Homer, still on his morning coffee break at 4:00 in the afternoon, learns that he will not receive a Christmas bonus. When he learns that Marge is relying on the money for Christmas, he decides that he will do the Christmas shopping for the year. He quickly buys Marge panty hose, Bart paper, Lisa crayons, and Maggie a dog toy. When he realizes that he is not doing very well, he gets a second job as a mall Santa for the extra money. On the way home from work, he steals a Christmas tree. The next day at the mall, Bart sits on his Dad's lap and pulls down his beard. Homer responds by choking Bart and making him help make Christmas better. On Christmas Eve, Homer receives his check, $13.70 for over 40 hours work. Homer takes Bart to the dog track as a final chance for Christmas money. They discovered a gem in the third race, Santa's Little Helper. How could this dog lose on Christmas Eve? The odds were 99 to 1, they were going to be rich. Homer put all of his money on Santa's Little Helper, and to his horror, he never even finished. As Homer and Bart were scouring the parking lot for winning tickets into the night, they saw the track manager throw

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Insufficient information in research topic Essay Example

Insufficient information in research topic Essay Example Insufficient information in research topic Paper Insufficient information in research topic Paper When you obtain an order branded write my research paper what is your first reaction? The most prudent thing to do is to contact the customer. You need more information to be able to process their request. You need to know if write my research paper is an open research paper in terms of the choice of the thesis statement or whether the customer erroneously omitted this information. The customer needs to explain if there are special instructions in terms of formatting, reference styles or restriction on the age of the reference materials. The customer needs to state when they expect to receive the draft paper and subsequently the final paper. You need to enter into an agreement with the customer on the charges, the means of payment as well as when the payment is due. How long should be the paper and what does the customer really expect to be captured in terms of the content? They need to let you know the level of writing for which the paper relates. Is it an undergraduate paper or is it a PhD dissertation. This will also help you decide on the personnel who will handle the order. It is more than clear that write my research paper is an insufficient information in research topic which doesnt allow the writer to proceed with assignment and start writing. You have no topic to write on and no knowledge of what is expected of you. You have no bench mark in terms of customer expectations against which to assess your progress. Gather as much information as possible and ensure you are at par with the customer in terms of what they expect of the final product. You need also to exchange contacts to ensure you keep in touch for consultation and reporting on progress. Until all these issues are ironed out, do not proceed to writing.

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Chmistry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Chmistry - Essay Example The molecule is "locked" into a conformation with the isopropyl groups on the exterior. It is not actually locked into configuration because the size of the molecule makes it highly flexible, but the potassium ion gives some degree of coordination to the macromolecule (Metzeler 2001) Question 1b Valinomycin is a dodecadepsipeptide, that is, it is made of twelve alternating amino acids and esters to form a macro cyclic molecule. The twelve carbonyl groups are essential for the binding of metal ions, and also for solvation in polar solvent. The isopropyl and methyl groups are responsible for solvation in nonpolar solvents. Along with its shape and size this molecular duality is the main reason for its binding properties. K+ ions are octahedral coordinated in a square bi-pyramidal geometry by 6 carbonyl bonds in this space of 1.33 Angstrom, leading to a 10,000x selectivity for K+ ions. For polar solvents, valinomycin will mainly expose the carbonyls to the solvent and in nonpolar solven ts the isopropyl groups are located predominantly on the exterior of the molecule. This conformation changes when valinomycin is bound to a potassium ion. The molecule is "locked" into a conformation with the isopropyl groups on the exterior. It is not actually locked into configuration because the size of the molecule makes it highly flexible, but the potassium ion gives some degree of coordination to the macromolecule. Conformational and ionophoric properties of 3 valinomycin analogs cyclo n (n = 2, 3, 4) were studied by spectral and extraction methods. Conformations of dodeca- and hexadecaisoleucinomycins in nonpolar media practically do not differ from that of valinomycin, whereas for octaisoleucinomycin and octavalinomycin the conformations change significantly. Spatial structures of complexes of the investigated compounds are analogous to structures of complexes of valinomycin cyclopolymerhomologs (Metzeler 2001) The presence of isoleucine residues in dodeca- and hexadecaisole ucinomycins results in substantial increase in their ability of transfer the cat ions from aqueous to organic phase. Each complex has a characteristic spectrum which differs from that of uncomplexed valinomycin, suggesting several distinct structures for each of the metal-valinomycin complexes. The biologically active K complex shows the most significant changes in its spectrum, especially in the intensity of the symmetric C-H stretching vibration of CH3 and the convergence of the 2 ester carbonyl stretching vibration bands into 1 upon complex formation. These results are due to the unique orientation of the ester carbonyl groups toward the caged K ion and the resulting more free rotation of isopropyl side chains, thus they are poor cat ions transporters, assumptions made are that valinomycin has a complex structure as compared to octa-isoleucinomycin and hexadecaisoleucinomycin, differs in bonding in the methyl groups and the space in orientation make it superior in terms of bondin g and having a chelate effect as compared to its

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Networking topic Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Networking topic - Research Paper Example mmunication facilitates the similar communication as telephone without loss in reliability, functionality or quality; as well as in fulfillment by the ITU (or International Telecommunications Union) presented communication specifications. The term of VoIP is as well employed to denote the software and hardware utilized to perform such calls over the Internet network (BestPriceComputers). Internet Telephony is acknowledged as Voice over IP, which facilitates people to speak to other people over the Internet. Specifically, Internet telephony makes use of the Internet in place of public switch telephone to establish a connection between a calling party and one or more called parties. To do an Internet call, caller needs to install Internet telephone software. Because when the caller talks into a computer microphone, then the Internet telephone software and the computer’s sound card digitize and condense voice and then distribute the compressed voice over the Internet to the target party or listener. In the same way, a call receiver also needs to install the Internet telephone software as software at the receiving end reverse this procedure as a result call receiver can listen what caller party have said (Shelly, Cashman and Vermaat 464). In every VoIP communication system, caller’s voice is transformed into online data packets of data, similar to small fi les, as well as then distributed to the target or receiver over the web/Internet as well as decoded at the receiver end back into our voice. Also, to complete this process quickly, these online data packets are compressed prior to distribute, in the same way as we zip our files and folders for reducing their size (ProgrammerWorld) VoIP communication offers lot of advantages regarding better and effective communication. Below I have outlined some main advantages of the VoIP technology: (Garden), (BestPriceComputers), (Unuth) and (TechTarget): Facility of IVR, conference calling, automatic redial, call forwarding

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Analysis of Infosys Technologies Limited

Analysis of Infosys Technologies Limited Infosys Technologies Ltd. was inaugurated in 1981 by seven people with US$ 250. Today, it is a global leader in the ‘next generation of IT and earning revenues of US$ 6.04 billion. Infosys designs, defines and delivers technology-enabled business solutions for Global 2000 companies. Infosys provides a complete range of services by leveraging its dominion and business expertise and strategic alliances with leading technology providers. The objective of this assignment is analysis of Infosys Technologies Limited which provides consulting and IT services. Infosys has been the first one in this field to offer innovative solutions to its clients. The company offers ample range of software services, namely application development and maintenance, independent validation services, infrastructure services, corporate performance management, packaged application services and product engineering and systems integration. Infosys established the Global Delivery Model (GDM), which emerged as a disturbing force in the industry leading to the rise of offshore outsourcing. The GDM is based on the formula of taking work to the site where the best talent is available, where it makes the best economic sense, with the least amount of acceptable risk. Infosys has a world-wide footprint with 64 offices and 63 development centers in US, India, China, Australia, Japan, Middle East, UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Poland, Canada and many other countries. Infosys and its subsidiaries have 130,820 employees working with it as on March 31, 2011. Infosys takes delight in building strategic long-term client relationships. EVALUATING THE ENVIRONMENT EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT PESTLE ANALYSIS PESTEL ANALYSIS: There are many features in the macro-environment with the intention of the conclusion of the executive of several organizations. PESTEL ANALYSIS OF INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES LTD. The PESTEL analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. is as follows: (P)olitical While discussing PESTEL analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. firstly I discuss political aspect of PESTEL analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. As part of the countrywide movement and revolutionize, Infosys Technologies Ltd. is immediately one pattern of dense that are triumphant in equally types of business that is familial and worldwide commerce (2003). The positive aspects of the political analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. are that Indian political structure is considered stable enough expect the fact that there is a fear of hung parliament. Government owned companies and PSUs have decided to give more IT projects to Indian IT companies. The negative aspects of the political analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. are that U.S. government has declared that U.S companies that outsource IT work to other locations other than U.S. will not get tax benefit and terrorist attack or war. (E)conomic While discussing PESTEL analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. secondly I discuss economic aspect of PESTEL analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. The positive aspects of the economic analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. are that Domestic IT Spending(Demand): Domestic market to grow by 20% and reach approx USD 20 billion in 2008-09 NASSCOM. Decline in real estate prices has resulted reducing the rental expenditures and due to recession, the layoffs and job-cuts have resulted in low attrition rate. Along with that economic attractivenessdue to cost advantage and other factors is also a positive factor. The negative aspect of the political analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. is of global IT spending trends. (S)ocial While discussing PESTEL analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. secondly I discuss economic aspect of PESTEL analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. The positive aspects of the economic analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. are that English is widely spoken language in India, English medium being the most accepted medium of education. Thus, India boasts of large English speaking population.Regarding educationa number of technical institutes and universities over the country offer IT education are there and working age population is also a constructive societal factor. (T)echnological While discussing PESTEL analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. secondly I discuss economic aspect of PESTEL analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. The positive aspects of the economic analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. are telephony that is India has the worlds lowest call rates (1-2 US cents). India expected to have total subscriber base of about 500 million by 2010. ARPU for GSM is USD 6.6 per month. India has the second largest telephone network after china. Tele-density 19.86 %. Indian technology also give a chance to enterprise telephone services, 3G, Wi-max and VPN are poised to grow. Another positive aspect of Indian technology is the Internet Backbone. Due to IT revolution of „90s, Indian cities and India is well connected with undersea optical cables. Along with that new IT technologies like SOA, Web 2.0, High-definition content, grid computing, etc and innovation in low cost technologies is presenting new challenges and opportunities for Indian IT industry. (L)egal While discussing PESTEL analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. secondly I discuss economic aspect of PESTEL analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. The positive aspects of the economic analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. are that IT SEZ requirement ofIT companies can set up SEZ with minimum area of 10 hectares and enjoy a host of tax benefits and fiscal benefits. Contract / Bond requirements: Huge debates surrounding the bonds under which the employees are required to work, which is not legally required. IT Act like Indian government is strengthening the IT act, 2000 to provide a sound legal environment for companies to operate esp. related to security of data in transmission and storage, etc.Companies operating in Software Technology Park (STPI) scheme will continue to get tax-benefit till 2010. (E)nvironmental While discussing PESTEL analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. secondly I discuss economic aspect of PESTEL analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. The energy efficient processes and equipments that companies are focusing on reducing the carbon footprints, energy utilization, water consumption, etc. PORTERS FIVE FORCES MODEL (INDIAN IT INDUSTRY) Threat of Substitutes: While discussing the Porters analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. the very first point of discussion is threat of substitutes. Regarding threat of substitutes other offshore locationssuch as Eastern Europe, the Philippines and China, are emerging and are posing threat to Indian IT industry because of their cost-advantage. However, this should have an impact only in the medium to long term. Along with that pricequoted for projects is a major differentiator, the quality of products being same. Bargaining power of supplier: While discussing the Porters analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. the second point of discussion is bargaining power of supplier. Due to slowdown, the job-cuts, the layoffs and bleak IT outlook and supply of IT professionals is no longer that favorable to employees. Availability of vast talent pool that is fresher and experienced is also increase buying power of supplier. Bargaining Power of Customers: While discussing the Porters analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd. the third point of discussion is power of buyers. Large number of IT companies vying for IT projects resulting in high competition for projects. On the other hand huge decline in IT expenditure: Indian IT sector is dependent on USA and BFSI in particular for majority of its revenues, and with the recent financial crisis, the new spending from these has reduced tremendously. However, for the existing products and services, the clients continue the old companies. Barriers to Entry: Low While discussing the Porters analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd., the next point of discussion is a new entrant that isLow capital requirements and large value chain which provide space for small enterprises. Along with that MNCs are ramping up capacity and employee strength. Rivalry among Firms: High While discussing the Porters analysis of Infosys Technologies Ltd., the last point of discussion is rivalry among firms.Commoditized offerings, ‘low-cost, little-differentiation positioning, high industry growth and strong competitors like few numbers of large companies. SWOT ANALYSIS OF INFOSYS (S)TRENGTHS Leadership in sophisticated solutions that enable clients to optimize the efficiency of their business. Global and 24/7 delivery capability excellent internet backbone and telecommunications facilities enabling companies to develop 24/7 delivery capabilities from India itself Commitment to superior quality and process execution Infosys has quality standards such as CMM Level 5i to differentiate from other competitors Strong Brand and Long-Standing Client Relationships Status as an employer of choice Ability to scale Innovation and leadership. Cost advantage Presence of Infosys in India is key to its success Breadth of service offering end to end solutions including high end services like IT consultancy and KPO. (W)EAKNESSES Excessive dependence on US for revenues 67 % of revenues from USA. Excessive dependence on BFSI sector for revenues 36 % of revenues from BFSI. Banking sector is facing a crisis globally and is going to spend less on IT. Weak player in domestic market. Only 1 % of revenues from India low as compared to peers Low R D spending as compared to global IT companies only 1.3 % of total revenues Rising wage bill 42.9 % to 44.8 % of revenues Low expertise in high end services like Consultancy and KPO. revenues to be hit hard for Infosys High rates of attrition Although slowdown in global economy has lowered attrition rate but the industry still faces high attrition rates as compared to other sectors. Decreasing competitive advantage rising salary expenses is taking away the cost advantage enjoyed by Indian companies (including Infosys). (O)PPORTUNITIES Domestic market set to grow by 20%. Expanding into new geographies Europe, Middle East, etc Infosys is cash rich (Around US $ 1 Billion) Acquiring companies to increase expertise in Consultancy, KPO and package implementation capabilities Opening offices and development centers in cost advantage countries such as those in Latin America and Eastern Europe. (T)HREATS Intense competition in the market for technology services could affect cost advantages. High dependency on a small number of clients, and the loss of any one of the major clients could significantly impact business. Termination of Client contracts can typically be terminated without cause and with little or no notice or penalty. Global economic slowdown may continue for several years hence low IT spending globally. US Govt. against outsourcing. Shrinking margins due to rising wage inflation. Rupee-dollar movement affects revenue and hence margins. Increased competition from foreign firms like Accenture, IBM etc. Increased competition from low-wage countries like China, Indonesia etc. INFOSYS BCG MATRIX INDIA The Boston Matrix catalog occasion in collection which is total 4 groups, exposed on corporation of Market Growth and Market Share: BCG MATRIX ANALYSIS OF INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES LTD: Dogs: While discussing BCG Matrix for Infosys Technologies Ltd firstly Dogs are discussed. When market share as well as market growth both are low then the circumstances is known as dogs. If we apply this on Infosys Technologies Ltd none is applied under dogs. Cash Cows: While discussing BCG Matrix for Infosys Technologies Ltd. secondly cash cows are discussed. When market share is high and market growth is low then the situation is known as cash cows. Here, Infosys Technologies Ltd is this situation is applied on maintenance application and development software products. Stars: While discussing BCG Matrix for Infosys Technologies Ltd. thirdly Stars s are discussed. When market split and market enlargement both are high then the situation is known as stars. Here Infosys Technologies Ltd.BPO is come under stars. Question Marks: While discussing BCG Matrix for Infosys Technologies Ltd. fourthly and finally question marks are discussed. When market share is low and market growth is high then the situation is called question marks. Question marks are also known as problem child. Consulting KPO and package information are considered as question marks here. McKinseys 7 S Model Strategy Infosys has adopted a client-focused strategy to achieve growth. Rather than concentrating on numerous small organizations, it concentrates on limited number of large organizations globally. In order to gratify its clients, the company stresses on custom-built software. Another contrasting factor for Infosys is that it commands premium margins. Company does not adjusts over margins beyond a certain point and sometime prefers to walk-out rather than compromise and adjust on quality for low-cost contracts. This has helped in establishing an image for quality driven model rather than cost-differentiating model. Increase business from existing and new clients Expand geographically Enhance solution set: Stresses on emerging trends, new technologies, specific industries and pervasive business issues. Develop deep industry knowledge Enhance brand visibility Pursue alliances and strategic acquisitions Leadership Style Infosys believes that leadership is one of the most primary and essential ingredients of organizational success which is provided by its Chairman, N R Narayanmurthy. Leadership is based on high business vision and prevailing supportive styles. There is attention on developing leadership qualities among employees. For this purpose, it has constituted â€Å"Infosys Leadership Institute†. Top management lays stress on open door policy, continuous sharing of information, takes inputs from employees in decision making, and builds personal empathy with employees. Staff (Human Resources) Since Infosys is in knowledge-based industry, it focuses on the quality of the human resources. Out of total employees of the organization, about 90 per cent are engineers. At the entry level, it lays stress on selecting candidates who find the companys meritocratic culture satisfying, superior academic records, technical skills, and high level of learn ability. The company also stresses on training and development of its employees on constant basis and spends about 2.65 per cent of its profits on up gradation of employees skills, and around 50% as employee costs. Shared Values Values are essential part of Infosyss organizational culture. In fact its tagline characterizes how much emphasis it lays on basic values. The basic values are: Customer Satisfaction: A commitment exceeding customer expectations. Leadership by Example: A commitment to set principles in business and transactions and be an exemplar for the industry and teams. Integrity and Clarity: A commitment to be worthy, sincere and open in our dealings. Fairness: A commitment to be impersonal and transaction-oriented, thereby earning trust and respect. Quest of Excellence: A commitment to strive continuously, to regularly improve ourselves, our teams, our services and products so as to become the best. Organizational Structure The company has adopted a free form organization devoid of hierarchies. Everyone is known as assistant irrespective of his position in the company. Software development is undertaken through teams and the content of teams is based on the principle of flexibility. A member, who might have been team leader in one project, may be substituted with another member of the same team for another project. This system not only helps in developing the feeling of equality but also helps in developing project leaders. Skills From last year, Infosys has made it mandatory for every employee to clear a predefined certifications, domain as well as technical, in order to be eligible for appraisal. This is just one of the initiatives taken by Infosys which signifies the efforts taken for building competencies. Apart from internal initiatives like knowledge management, Infosys has been CMM-Level 5 certified for its process capabilities. Infosys has entered the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy for achieving breakthrough performance results using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). GRAND STRATEGIES Ansoffs Matrix: Current Market New Market Current Product Market Penetration Strategy Market Development Strategy New Product Product Development Strategy Diversification Strategy MARKET PENETRATION STRATEGY: Current Markets: While discussing market penetration strategy the first point of discussion is current markets. For Infosys Technologies Ltd current markets are USA and Europe. Products: While discussing market penetration strategy the second point of discussion is products. For Infosys Technologies Ltd products are ADM, BPO, KPO, consultancy services (in BFSI, manufacturing and retail) and software products (financial products). Recommendation: While discussing market penetration strategy the third point of discussion is recommendation. For Infosys Technologies Ltd as most large clients in US and Europe are cutting costs, Infosys needs to be more aggressive on cost and quality front. Result of strategy: While discussing market penetration strategy the last point of discussion is result of strategy. For Infosys Technologies Ltdthe result of strategy is unlikely to yield good results. MARKET DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY: New Market: While discussing market development strategy the first point of discussion is new markets. For Infosys Technologies Ltd new markets are India, Middle-east and Australia. Current Product: While discussing market development strategy the second point of discussion is current product. For Infosys Technologies Ltd current products are ADM, BPO, KPO, consultancy services (in BFSI, manufacturing and retail) and software products (financial products). Recommendation: While discussing market development strategy the third point of discussion is recommendation. For Infosys Technologies Ltd current markets since these are fast developing IT market, Infosys needs a paradigm shift in focus from US and EU markets to these markets. Result of strategy: While discussing market development strategy the fourth point of discussion is result of strategy. For Infosys Technologies Ltd current markets are likely to yield good result. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY: Current Market: USA and Europe New Product: Consultancy and package implementation services in relatively growing sectors esp. healthcare, life sciences and aviation sector, and KPO services. Recommendation: Concentrate on building expertise in these domains by strategic acquisitions. Result of Strategy: Likely to have good result. (Better the company acquired, the better the result). DIVERSIFICATION: New Market: India, Middle-east and Australia New product: Consultancy and package implementation services in relatively growing sectors esp. healthcare, life sciences and aviation sector, and KPO services. Recommendation: Changing Brand image from low value service provider to high value service provider. Result of Strategy: Difficult to achieve overnight (possible in long term). OTHER STRATEGIES: CONCENTRATION: 90% of Infosys revenues from American and European nations. VERTICAL INTEGRATION: Infosys recently made a bid to acquire a European major Axon consultancy to improve its business in European markets, but finally called off the deal due to high valuation. Otherwise, Infosys has always believed in organic growth. INNOVATION: The Software Engineering and Technology Labs (SETLabs) at Infosys is the center for applied technology research in software engineering and enterprise technology. SET Labs conducted 24 Innovation Workshops with customers from the US and Australia, to identify research collaboration possibilities. Infosys promotes a favorable work environment that encourages innovation and meritocracy. At the conclusion of this assignment I would like discuss the main points. Global sourcing strategy is aligned with business strategy. Enhancing operational efficiency and delivering value added services. Structuring processes and services into modules thus leading to enhanced flexibility and productivity. Aggressive focus on ERP solutions like Oracle and SAP.. this conclusion is based on the rigorous analysis and one can learn for the conclusion to expand into high end consulting. Consolidation and Strategic acquisitions are essential for future growth of revenues.Shift in focus from low cost advantage to high quality services. Quick adoption to high growth markets is necessary.

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Innovative marketing strategies

It was not another mundane day of my life as everything seemed bright and gay that day. When I woke up, the dazzling rays of sun were sending the divine blessing in my room.I was not tired mentally and psychologically as I used to be at the threshold of each new day previously. It was my first day at work after promotion. When I reached office, every face was glowing with mirth and joy. The colors of the building were shining vibrantly. I wondered whether it was really true or was a mere reflection of inner self and satisfaction.Whatever the case was, I felt that Life had some worth and world was too better a place to live ad enjoy. My ecstasy coupled with promotional fulfillment capacitated me to think of deliver according to my high professional caliber. Innovative marketing strategies, patterns and procedures to develop new products, cost effective, time management, all these were in my mind when I heard the tone of the phone bell, ringing continuously. I thought it be another tim e-wasting congratulatory call from my friends. With a sense of pride I received the phone but there was a strange voice giving me a strange message.My previous state of ecstasy faded soon and an air of melancholy pervaded over me. The colors of the walls were no more bright, the time on the wall-clock in front of desk was blurred. I told my boss that I am laving but I don’t remember what reason I told him for leaving so early. His face was full of astonishment and. I passed the lobby and found every one suffering from strange pathos and miseries. There was not a tinge of happiness on their faces. Truth came to me at-once that this is the ultimate reality of life.I refused to believe it. My mind failed to swallow the news. I was not myself. I found her lying on the bed as stiff as steel and as cold as ice. Slowly the ice in my mind started melting and the painful truth started dawning on me. I realized that she is no more with me alive. That she is dead.I started becoming disi llusioned about everything. I found myself face to face with the eternal realities of this earth. That death is the only thing in life that is absolutely certain.Sweeping reforms and far reaching revolutions may take place in society, but death, will remain. Science may learn the art of prolonging the individual human life far, far beyond the century mark, but ultimately death must and will come. This being so, one should have thought that human beings would, through sheer familiarity, become so used to this event that they would hardly think about it, emotionally, philosophically or poetically.My mother’s death made me realized that try as we may, we cannot summon back from the past those rare remembered joys that lifted us on high. Time is irreversible, and one minute gone is as completely irretrievable as a day or a year. It is not only the fleetingness of single moment that makes us sensitive to the sting of transience. Months, years, decades, whole lives seem to pass wit h the same uncanny swiftness. Almost before we know it the cold gray season of death is upon us. These are hard truths that I started understanding.The true comprehension of death never made me recover from the shock of my beloved mother’s death. It haunts me hitherto. My grief made me completely lost my poise and become almost insane. The world, it appeared to me, had raised a sting for me, and I knew not where to descend. I seemed to waver and quiver and threatened to burst into flames. I wanted to remain unseen, unnoticed and always felt that people were pointing at me.At odds with the world, I remained lost in my thoughts, sojourning in other-worldly regions, unmindful of what happened around me. I started feeling like a hollow man in a possibly hollow universe. Life loses all its meanings for me. I found myself like a square peg in a round hole. The death of my mother made me stand face to face with the greatest mystery of all times. The grief that this event brought wit h it and the comprehension of this eternal truth completely destabilized my whole existence. Â  

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Career Trends in Information Technology Essay

The information technology industry is always changing and evolving, and 2013 looks to be no different. The dramatic rate of change in technology is great for innovation and increased business efficiency but can also cause problems for many organizations. The new changes and breakthroughs in technology require organizations to hire employees that are experienced and up-to-date on the new technologies. Often, this can pose a challenge for businesses because the talent pool is split between recent grads with little experience or longer tenured employees whose skills may not be up to date with the newer tech advances. A recent study of IT executives conducted by Computerworld outlines what the most popular and in demand tech skills will be in the future. 1. Programming and Application Development 60% of the IT executives surveyed claimed they plan to hire employees with programming and application development skills. This need for programming and development skills stems from organizations trying to implement new programs, products and services. Organizations want to offer their customers the positive experience with their products, and having the newest technology is usually the best way for them to accomplish that. A majority of the industry professionals expressed that they will specifically be looking for people with experience in Java, J2EE and .Net. 2. Project Management 40% of employers plan to hire individuals with project management skills in 2013. It seems obvious that the organizations requiring programming and application development skills will also need individuals to plan, oversee, and execute the new projects and initiatives. Newer technologies lead to increased demand for project managers mainly due to the new projects being more complex. IT executives desire project managers that have a proven track record for success, display leadership, and show great attention to detail. 3. Security Security has been and always will be a major issue for IT leaders. The threat of data and identity theft is very real, and protecting that information is imperative. The increased demand for specialized security individuals can be attributed to more complex systems, larger amounts of data, and organizational policies such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD.) These items will make it more difficult to monitor and keep secure data and information. 27% of IT leaders plan to hire more security professionals in 2013, and the majority of those leaders want the professionals to have expertise in encryption technology, deploying firewalls, threat detection tools, and high levels of business acumen. 4. Help Desk/Technical Support Expected system and program updates for organizations in 2013 will lead to the increased demand for tech support professionals. 35% of IT executives surveyed said they plan to hire help desk or tech support individuals due to the need to monitor and support the new programs and systems created by their organizations. Implementing new systems can lead to questions and confusion when using the systems, and tech support individuals will be necessary to support the increased number of inquiries. Roles of Responsibilities of Employers and Employees Employers and employees work together on a daily basis and have very different roles and duties. These primary roles and duties have remained fairly static over time despite changes in technology that have made business more global and efficient. They define what workers are supposed to do on a daily basis without delving into specific job descriptions and thus establish a foundation for the kind of relationship employers and employees should expect. Employer Responsibilities To provide and maintain * a safe working environment * adequate resources, information, training and supervision * an effective health and safety program * to establish a process for identifying, assessing; and controlling risks To ensure that * relevant laws are complied with * workplace rules, procedures and methods are developed and maintained To prepare and maintain OHS&W policies in consultation with * Health and safety committees * Employees * Elected Health and Safety Representatives * Unions, if requested by an employee * And if the employer chooses, a registered employer association of which the employer is a member, Employees Responsibilities Workers’ responsibilities are: * to not place themselves at risk; * to not knowingly put others in danger; * to follow safe working procedures; * to use machinery and equipment safely; * to not let drugs or alcohol affect their work. * to report any hazards they may notice in their workplace; * to apply any training they have received. Responsibilities Of Employers Towards HSRs And HSCs An employer must:- * Consult any relevant Health and Safety Representatives and Health and Safety Committee on the occupational health, safety and welfare practices, procedures and policies that are to be followed; * Consult any relevant Health and Safety Representatives and Health and Safety Committee on any proposed changes to any workplaces such as: – the workplace itself, plant, substances used, handled, processed or stored; nature of work to be conducted, procedures for carrying out work; where those changes might effect the health, safety and welfare of employees at the workplace. * At the request of the employee, permit a Health and Safety Representative to be present at any interview concerning occupational health, safety and welfare between the employer and the employee; * Permit any relevant Health and Safety Representative to accompany an inspector during a workplace inspection; * Permit a Health and Safety Representative to have access to such information as the employer possesses or can reasonably obtain:- relating to workplace risks, concerning the health and safety of the employees and, when requested to do so, supply a copy of that information to the Health and Safety Representative; * Immediately notify a Health and Safety Representative of the occurrence of an accident, dangerous occurrence, imminent danger or risk; or hazardous situation; * Notify a Health and Safety Representative of the occurrence of any work-related injury; * Provide such facilities and assistance to Health and Safety Representatives as are necessary to enable them to perform their functions under this Act. This includes time off, without loss of income, to perform duties as Health and Safety Representatives, and to attend approved training courses (minimum of 5 days per year). Mechanisms for fast-paced and stressful work environment All of us live incredibly fast paced lives. We commute to work and for many people the ride to work is getting longer as people move to more distant locations in the suburbs and rural areas. The journey to work is complex. Drivers are faced with traffic accidents and jams that often cause lateness. Many employers are not sympathetic to the reasons for lateness. Instead of sympathy they demand that people leave for work even earlier. Once at work, there are enormous pressures to be productive. The nature of many careers is that productivity includes the need to think creatively. However, it can be difficult to think creatively if someone is exhausted and stressed once they arrive at work. According to an article in the September 2005 edition of Scientific American it is suggested that in order to maintain the ability to be productive as well as creative, it is necessary to take a twenty minute break from work and go on a â€Å"mental vacation.† By â€Å"mental vacation† is meant that you close your eyes and imagine your self in the most relaxing, beautiful and serene place that you can. In other words, this is a kind of self hypnosis or visual meditation that actually reduces the levels of stress hormones excreted into the cardio vascular system resulting in the reduction of stress and exhaustion. The article urges that a nap not be taken because this dulls thinking and does not necessarily reduce stress. However, the â€Å"mental vacation† sharpens the ability to think and reason after the fifteen to twenty minute journey is over. In doing this visualization it is important to imagine all of the sensory experiences that would go along with the actual trip. If you are at the beach on your journey, smell the ocean water and hear the sounds of the surf hitting up against the shore. If twenty minutes in one lump of time is too much then a ten minute break will help, especially if repeated during the day as pressure builds up. Working in a fast-paced environment can induce stress in many employees. According to the Helpguide website, people tend to react to stress in three distinctive ways: Some freeze up under pressure, others become frustrated and angry and the remaining withdraw or become aloof. In order to be productive in a high-paced, driven work environment, you must know your own limitations and reactions. Survival depends on developing the right mental, physical and practical skill set to manage any hectic, stressful situation to the best of your ability. Industry-related lawsRegulations Computer Law is concerned with controlling and securing information stored on and transmitted between computers. Computer networks contain and store a great deal of private digital information: data on identities, internet access and usage; credit cards; financial information and information for electronic commerce; technical, trade and government secrets; mailing lists; medical records; and much more. It is illegal to maliciously erase this type of data; acquire proprietary information; manipulate said data to obtain funds illegally, through bank withdrawals and transfers, identity theft and credit card use; and to access and use any of this data for any other reason, without authorization. Computer crime and criminal information law are relatively young phenomena. A first historical analysis indicates that each new development of computer technology was followed by a corresponding adaptation of crime as well as by legislative changes. A short overview – using the example of Germany – illustrates this adaptation of crime and information law to the new information technologies. It also indicates that this process started gradually at first, but then continued at an increasing pace: – From the beginning of the 1950s computers were introduced in industry and administration to control routine processes. As late as 20 years after that time, the first cases of computer manipulation, computer sabotage and computer espionage became known. Only in 1986 did the German legislator react with the Second Act for the Prevention of Economic Crime. – On the other hand, the mass processing of personal data in electronic data banks since the 1960s was soon regarded as a danger to privacy. In Germany, the first law that took this development into account was enacted in 1970. – The open networks of the 1970s soon led to corresponding misuses in the form of â€Å"hacking†, which the Law Committee of the German Parliament could still consider in the Second Act for the Prevention of Economic Crime in 1986. – The mass phenomenon of program piracy came along simultaneously with the spreading of personal computers in the 1980s, forcing the legislator to carry out different reform measures from 1985 onwards. – The use of automated teller machines in the 1980s, too, was immediately followed by new ways of code card misuses, which already represented criminal offenses due to the reforms of the Second Act for the Prevention of Economic Crime. – Today, electronic post services, mailboxes, ISDN as well as the development of close links between data processing and telecommunication are used by neo-nazi groups, perpetrators in the field of economic crime and organized criminals: Computer technology and telecommunication have not only become part of general life, but also of general crime. The changes that these new technologies caused in criminal procedural law do therefore not only concern traditional computer offenses, but all kinds of crime.